Hot Tub Temperature for Kids?

Ok, we have all stayed at a hotel where there is a hot tub and wondered if we should allow the kids to get in, right? Is the water too hot for their skin, and how long should I let them stay in? So what is the perfect hot tub temperature for kids?

FIRST- never leave your child unattended in a spa…NOT EVEN FOR A SECOND!

The general rule for kids is “no more than 5 minutes if the water is 104 degrees”. You can let them play for up to 15 minutes in the water if the temperature is lower, say 100 degrees. At our house, even in the winter months, we keep our outdoor hot tub at 99 degrees. This way the kids can hang out in the water with us and really enjoy some family time. That temperature is actually pretty perfect, even for the adults who want to relax for extended periods of time.

If you have a child under the age of 5, it is recommended that they do not use the hot tub at all. Children can overheat more quickly than adults, which in turn can result in serious consequences: increased heart rate, drowsiness, unconsciousness, heatstroke and even death.

So, if your kids are begging you to let them jump in the hot tub, remember, the perfect hot tub temperature for kids is not 104 degrees!

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