Bistro Table

Bistro Table  |  Standard Feature  |  Resort Series* & Beachcraft Series

The party for family fun and entertaining, your bistro table is ready!

A Clearwater Spas exclusive! Our lighted removable bistro table is the Piéce de résistance – a highlight feature item for the ultimate in spa entertaining.  The frosted table leg is illuminated by our beautiful multicolored LED mood lighting.  The color-matching acrylic table has six cup holders and a larger center holder for an ice bucket or your favorite bowl of snacks.  *Bistro table not available for the Rio model only.

The removable acrylic bistro table is color matched to the acrylic spa.

When you choose your Clearwater Spa acrylic color, your bistro table will be perfectly color matched.  The separate frosted removable table leg is beautifully illuminated by the multi-colored LED in the floor mount leg holder.  Small drain holes in the table and leg allow for water drainage.